Things Pakistani Parents Say When Guests Come Over

Things Pakistani Parents Say When Guests Come Over


By Maha Usman

Ever since childhood, all of us have been a victim of our parents’ daant dapat (being scolded). Most of us have experienced some unfathomable menacing comments by our elderly but also have received immense love from them.

Mostly, all desi/brown/Pakistani parents are the same. They act a certain way, especially when it comes to hosting guests. As they say, “Mehmaan bhagwaan hota hai”, meaning a guest is supposed to be respected like a god, it reflects the overall ideology of our culture and its hospitality.

Here are some relatable ____ that parents say,

1. Take out the crockery we use for guests

In every Desi household, there are two sets of crockery

  1. Mismatched ones for the family members
  2. Fancy shmancy ones for the guests, obviously.
Source: Tumblr

2. Beta, say salam

Even if you’re in the shower/ taking a nap/ working on an important deadline, it is MANDATORY for you to leave everything and say salam to your guests because it’s an unforgiving sin, bhayee…

3. Betay, go make chai

Obviously…Chai is the calming factor of all sorts of discussions in our part of the world. Be it argument, a get-together, or a funeral, there’s no way you can’t offer chai to your guests. Guess who’s designated chai-maker of the family? *points at herself*

Source: India Times

4. “You can have the trolly ka samaan when they leave”

In brown households, it is really a sin to pick food from the trolley before it goes in front of the guests. We’re only allowed to have the leftover snacks, that too once they leave. *Can’t wait for Khuda Hafiz, muaah muaah, bye bye*


5. “Our child is addicted to its phone”

Absolutely hate this! Am I the only person who’s hooked on their phone? No, right? Almost everyone is. Somehow, parents love pointing out everything wrong with you in front of the guests. Argh…


6.” God knows what my child does at university!”

Almost every mom has asked herself that. “Is it a university or a funfair?”, “How do your teachers let you wear that”, “Do you go to uni to study or to chill with friends?”

Ammi, why do you have to say it to others 😮 Hashtag: FeelingBeztified

Source: Giphy

7. “I don’t get these make-up classes on weekends”

Yes, this too. Parents never seem to understand why our classes get canceled at the last minute and the consequential make-up classes that we have to attend that are mandatory. *pfft*


If you’re that’s it, here’s some more for you:

8. “My child doesn’t listen to me at all”

Source: The Tempest


9. “Your child is so talented”

Source: Wattpad

10. “Look for a Rishta for my child”

Source: en.dailypakistan

11. Beta, aunty said you were smoking outside the house, is that true?

Source: Parhlo

12. *Gives you the don’t-you-dare-take-money-from-the-guests looks*


13. “Hamara bacha tou kisi kaam ka nahi hai:

Source: Parhlo

14. Aunty says, “I must have a Snapchat Account”

Oh no, Aunty, please don’t let that happen!