10 Things That Are True If You Ride A Motorcycle

10 Things That Are True If You Ride A Motorcycle

  1. Safety Is Your Number One Priority

There’s just something sitting on a two wheeled, open ended vehicle that makes you appreciate how good it feels to be alive.

Motorcycles accidents are one of the leading causes of road fatalities, but if driven carefully following proper road sense the experience can be quite liberating.

  1. The Views Are Amazing

Driving a motorcycle can be quite a liberating and “zen” experience. The full 180 degree experience of looking at the sceneries while you are driving is something very special and peaceful

  1. The Struggle Against The Elements Is Real

While the views are sometimes breathtaking and relaxing, the weather can be quite the opposite. Be it summer or winter, travelling on your bike can be quite taxing owing to the temperature being too hot or too cold. Also let’s not forget sitting on your bike seat right after it’s parked in the sun too long. Yikes!

  1. Heavy Traffic Vehicles Are Your Winter Best Friends

One trick that I’ve learned driving a bike in the winters is to track trucks, buses and other big vehicles. Passing by them when the exhaust fumes hit you can be the perfect thing to warm you up for a while just for a while to help combat the extreme cold weather.

  1. You Become A Poet

Our Pakistani Trucks and Buses are notorious for writing poetry and funny anecdotes on the rear bumper. Being a motorcyclist helps you spot the good ones and memorize them to use as a status update!

  1. Car Drivers Fear You As Much You Fear Them

Motorcycles are very fragile things to travel on. Hitting even a bump wrong can prove hazardous. It is always better to be a little patient and foresighted when driving to help avoid nasty collisions with other vehicles.

  1. Windy Days Are Your Worst Enemy

Days when it’s windy are probably the worst days to take my bike out. The constant gusts of winds make me feel the bike will tip over. Just driving against the wind seems pretty dangerous. The wind becomes an added nuisance to deal with when its winters.

  1. Jumping Lanes Was Never This Fun

Do you remember the scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where they hire the ministry cars that automatically jump queues to get to the front of the signals when taking Harry to the train station? That’s exactly what its like driving a motorcycle and facing a traffic jam. Even the smallest space can provide a chance to get a little more ahead that everyone else. Eventually you do end up at the front much to the displeasure of other car drivers! Also it’s a blessing when traffic is stuck due to a protest and is being diverted to other routes.

  1. Driving a Motorcycle Looks Pretty Badass

Lets face it, all of us imagine us being in a Hollywood film with our long coat flapping in the wind when the bike hits the right speed. The wind whipping in your face and the traffic becoming a blur right beside you is thrilling. Plus wearing a leather jacket & ankle high boots is pretty cool in itself.

  1. It Helps You Loose Weight

A 180-pound man will burn 40 more calories in an hour riding a motorcycle than he will driving a car. If he sings the whole time he’ll scorch an additional 100 calories. It is also incredibly good for your brain. The aforementioned zen state mixes with the endorphins that come from spirited riding, or simply being outside does wonders for your mental health. And it’s a simple truth that improved mental health leads to improved physical health, if not simply because it gives you the right attitude.