10 Urdu “Mahawarai” That Perfectly Describe Pakistani Society

10 Urdu “Mahawarai” That Perfectly Describe Pakistani Society

  1. Latoon Kai Bhoot Baton Sai Nai Mantai

Want to register a complaint about something? No one will listen to you unless you create a scene and threat someone with dire consequences.

  1. 100 Chohai Kha Kar Billi Haj Ko Chali

Describes our Politicians perfectly! All of them portray themselves as innocent, doing good for the people while we all know how they really are

  1. Dur Kai Dhol Suhanae

This is an ironic proverb because most Pakistani’s lack foresight and instead choose to focus on quick, shortcut type that may or may not instantly make them rich

  1. Angoor Khatai Hain

Laziness is a national epidemic. Getting someone to do something is probably the hardest task in Pakistan. Youre always faced with excuses or either a face, hopeful “InshaAllah” which doesn’t really help get the task done immediately.

  1. Doosron Ko Nasihat Khud Mian Fazihat

In Pakistan, your business is everyone else’s business.

  1. Buri Khabar Jaldi Phelti Hai

Gossip, gossip and gossip. If this were an Olympic Pakistani’s would be bagging gold everytime.

  1. Jitna Gur Dalo Gae Utna Meetha Ho Jae Ga

Sweet talking is second nature to Pakistani’s. Want to get someone to agree with you, get the shopkeeper to reduce the price or want your parents permission to go out late? You guessed it, sweet talking is 100% sure shot way to get what you want here.

  1. Jiski Lathi Us Ki Bheins

Access to justice is a huge problem in Pakistan. The common man and the minorities have to risk a fortune to get justice, which often ends in a dead end. While the rich and powerful are put in VIP prisons with AC’s and fans.


  1. Pehlai Apnai Giraeban Mai Jhanko

With the progress of social media, people are quick to discredit other people while being hypocritical about themselves. Using the excuse “other people do it too” is the root cause of shirking collective responsibility as nation to progress socially.

  1. Khoda Pahaar Nikla Choha

Exaggerating and sensationalizing news to get ratings is a practice that is becoming more and more common.

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