17 Amazing Pictures of Pearl Continental Hotel and Resort Muzaffarabad

17 Amazing Pictures of Pearl Continental Hotel and Resort Muzaffarabad


Pakistan has some of the most beautiful places in the world. However, despite having innumerable scenic locations, there are only a few luxury resorts in the country. One of the most prominent and emerging tourist resort in Pakistan is located in the region of Azad Kashmir. Yes, we are talking about the Pearl Continental Hotel and Resort in Muzaffarabad. This resort is one of the finest luxury resorts in the country and provides amazing views to the tourists. In case you have not seen this beautiful resort, it is highly recommended that you visit it soon and enjoy its scenic beauty. For now, enjoy these 17 amazing pictures of the Pearl Continental Hotel and Resort in Muzaffarabad.

17 – Pearl Continental Hotel is located in a scenic spot in Muzaffarabad which is the capital of Azad Kashmir.

16 – You will get to enjoy this spectacular view on your visit to this amazing hotel.

15 – It is one of the best hotels in Pakistan, if you want to enjoy a great view along with some luxury accommodation.

14 – Check out the inside view of this hotel.

Photo Credits – Sher Ali Photography

13 – Imagine having a cup of tea in this beautiful lawn with such a magnificent view of the mountains and the Muzaffarabad city.

12 – Here’s a spectacular view of Pearl Continental Hotel in Muzaffarabad.

Photo Credits – Hydaspes Lightbox

11 – The hotel shines bright at night. Check out this picture of the resort on a full moon night.

Photo Credits – Fahad Mustafa

10 – The views of Muzaffarabad during the day time are just breathtaking.

9 – You can travel around and discover the various parts of Muzaffarabad city. Here’s a view of the famous bridge in Muzaffarabad. The Pearl Continental Hotel can be seen in the background.

8 – Woah! Absolutely stunning.

7 – You will also get to see some amazing birds at this beautiful resort.

6 – Check out the stunning night view of Muzaffarabad city from the Pearl Continental Hotel.

5 – The hotel often hosts different events and festivals.

4 – Enjoy some amazing meals at the Marcopolo Restaurant located in the Pearl Continental Hotel, Muzaffarabad.


3 – You can enjoy snowfall at PC Muzaffarabad as well during winters.

2 – It is also a great place for having some memorable photography sessions.

1 – So when do you plan to visit the Pearl Continental Hotel in Muzaffarabad? Tell us in the comments section below.

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