20 Relatable Memes for Math Haters

20 Relatable Memes for Math Haters


By Maha Usman

Math. That one word which has haunted (many of) us throughout our academic years. Our hatred for this particular discipline wasn’t developed one fine morning rather it was more like trying to keep our emotions inside until we reached a bottleneck situation. Sigh.

If you’ve ever felt dumb in class, don’t worry! We gotcha, you’re not the only one. There are a million people who hate math as much as you do.

  1. Is it true that all math teachers are the same? That awkward moment when you can’t guess if you don’t like math or the math teacher.
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2. We all do, we all do <3 



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4. Oh well, that escalated quickly…

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5. Has it always been like this with you too? When you had to think of a billion excuses to skip math homework. Well, this one sort of works if you have a cat. Psst.

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6. Yaaaar! Honestly, these problems aren’t real, to begin with. We are all sick of finding x and y and answering with alphabets. I mean, what on earth is this logic?!


7. AHH HELL YES! THAT ONE TIME IN 1997! Just one of the best feelings ever, I tell you 😀

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8. Yeah well, my answer could have been ‘South Africa’ as well but phew!

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9. What sorcery is this! It’s not math, perhaps it’s the math class environment that we hate. Deteste. Bakwas. Na-panad. Hargiz nahi

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10. Language proficiency skills, please?

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11. I tried so hard and got so far but in the end, it doesn’t even matter *sobs sobs* 

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12. When it comes to math memes, Scoop Whoop seems to have nailed it by the expressions of Bollywood stars 

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13. This one

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14. And this too. HAH

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15. If you thought it’s only your teacher to be this mean, have a look at this meme. Huehuehuehue


16. There’s always that one person in the class who…

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17. Oh yes *cries a river*


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18. Argh, go away, just go…

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19. There there, my child

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20.  The only calculation we like doing every day. Yep, math is applicable to everyday life

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Okay, chin up, child. We all hate math. There there, my child, there there.