5 Ways To Bash Period Pain

5 Ways To Bash Period Pain


How we all hate that time of the month when our energy goes down to 0% and the excruciating period pain makes us completely mad! Everything seems dull, every person begins to get on the nerves, and most importantly, functioning at work/college/school is JUST SO DIFFICULT!

But take note that it’s normal for most women to feel period pain because of your body’s way of telling you how it needs rest and extra care.

Here are some tips that you MUST follow to kick the pain bye bye.

  1. Exercise and Stretch:

As much as we like to sit and lie down during the period, it is highly recommended by doctors that stretching, walking, or any other kind of exercise that loosens up the muscles is beneficial for pain relief.

Source: www.livestrong.com


    2. Heat Things Up

A warm bath or resting a heating pad/hot water bottle on your lower belly or back are good enough ways to relax your muscle.

Heat is an excellent way to reduce pains, you may also want to have hot drinks such as tea and milk.

Source: www.everydayhealth.com


   3. Avoid Coffee

Although otherwise a great agent to make you fresh, coffee is a vasoconstrictor which makes blood vessels constrict. If you’re already big on coffee and can’t function without it then you may have it once a week before your period starts.



    4. Avoiding These Foods:

During menstruation, it’s a good idea to avoid foods that cause bloating and water retention. Some of the most annoying-down-there foods are:

  • Fatty foods
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Salty foods
  • Caffeine
  • fatty foods

Diet plays a very important role! You must eat healthy during your days. It adds up to feeling fresh and energetic. Have lots of fruit.

Source: modernseoul.org


 5. Eat More Greens

Dark leafy greens are a dietary source of magnesium, calcium, and countless other micronutrients.  These nutrients are essential for mediating muscle contractions. In Chinese dietary therapy, dark green vegetables are also considered to be mildly cleansing, which is what the body needs in a “stagnation” condition. Some greens such as dandelion greens (very bitter, but very helpful) also have a mild diuretic effect, which reduces bloating.

Source: livelovefruit.com


Hopefully, these tricks would work just fine on you. Do share if you know other secrets of our dark and gloomy days!