7 Cardinal Sins of Social Media

7 Cardinal Sins of Social Media


By: Maha Usman

While there are too way too many cardinal sins of social media, here are a few picks for this week.

1. Thou Shalt Not Use Excessive Hashtags 

For social media marketing, hashtags are essential and engage the audience at a massive level. However, overusing them puts off the reader at times.

Another SMM DON’T is tagging a large number of people which is considered to be bothersome because some people don’t like to be notified about posts that are irrelevant to them.

Death by hashtags #InstaDeath #BadImpression #Dont #Do #I

2. Thou Shalt Not Upload Irrelevant and Untimely Posts

Nothing bores a social media user than seeing bland posts in their newsfeed. As a social media marketer, an important consideration is to be careful about the timing of the posts. Moreover, don’t upload posts that have the same content or are off-topic.


Pluto re-emerged in 2015… Get your hands on our newest deals… How do I run for president?!

3.Thou Shalt Not Pay for Fake Followers 

The concept of millions of likes on Facebook and Instagram pages sounds fascinating and grand. Some apps have been introduced recently that boost the number of likes or followers which are not genuine. A social media manager must realize that such shortcuts are not fruitful and they end up paying more for bogus followers.

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Don’t let your imaginary friends fool you

4.Thou Shalt Not Use Inappropriate Captions and Descriptions

Being moderate is the key to success on social media. Having too many images, texts, and tags ruin a post. The trick is to sell your product by using minimal words yet attempting to convince the audience. Additionally, giving appropriate captions to photos enhances the message being put forward. Words are as important as images and they need a balance in between.

Remember the ABC’s of content writing: accuracy, brevity and clarity. Bingo!

5. Thou Shalt Not Use Stock Images

Research tells that visual information is more retainable than textual. Therefore, it’s better to update pictures along with text so that the user can comprehend the message easily.

Moreover, don’t use stock pictures as they give a very unprofessional image. Your brand is your identity, therefore value it and use original photos and content for the page. Make your posts valuable in the eyes of the user. Another notable consideration is to use your logo company name as the display picture.

Remember: Belle fell for the Beast because of who he was

6. Thou Shalt Have Uniformity in the Content

Often at times, the social media team members of an enterprise lack communication and end up posting either too much information or irrelevant material. One bad mistake can make the user abandon your brand forever. It is important for all the team members to discuss the content before posting so that every individual is on the same page.

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7. Thou Shalt Not Publish Without Proofreading 

Since your posts are representing your brand, it is crucial to check and recheck before publishing online. The digital media audience believes in credibility and tends to lose their trust with one single mistake. Hence, it is mandatory for the team to collectively participate in proofreading before it goes on board.