15 Best Hiking and Walking Trails in Pakistan

15 Best Hiking and Walking Trails in Pakistan


In today’s fast moving life, we hardly get time to relax and explore nature. However, once we do get time, one of the questions that often confuses many people is that where they should go to enjoy the natural beauty and how they can get away from the daily routine. In my humble opinion, the best way of relaxing and getting away from one’s daily routine is to go on a hike or a walk at some scenic destination. Pakistan has a number of beautiful scenic tracks for hikers and travelers. Some of these tracks are easy and they can be explored by the people who do not exercise or hike much. However, there are some tracks that require a certain level of physical fitness and are only for the adventure seekers. We have compiled a list of 15 most beautiful hiking and walking tracks in Pakistan. Here they are.

15 – Dudi Patsar Lake Track

Dudiput sar lake track... Near Mulla Ki Basti
Photo Credits – Saleem Jani

14 – Kiwai to Shogran Hiking Track

Kiwai to Shogran Track
Photo Credits – Ibrahim Azhar

13 – Ratti Gali Lake Track

Ratti Gali Lake Track

12 – Gurez Valley Track – Kel to Taobat

Gurez Valley Track - Kel to Taobat

11 – Rush Lake Track

Photo Credits - Rana Hassan Javaid

10 – Burji La Track – Deosai

Burji La - Deosai
Photo Credits – Hamza Photography

9 – Margalla Hills Hiking Track

Margalla Hills

8 – Snow Lake Track – Biafo

Snow Lake Track
Photo Credits – Sheikh Sabi

7 – Ansu Lake Track

Ansu Lake - Naran Valley - Pakistan

6 – Bakote Molia Track

Batoke Molia

5 – Grang Kass Track

Grang Kass Track

4 – Dunga Gali Pipeline Track

Donga Gali - Pipe LIne Track
Photo Credits – Kashif Afridi

3 – Ayubia Track

Ayubia Changla Gali - Photo Credits - Rehan Qazi

2 – Mushkpuri Track


1 – Miranjani Track 

Photo Credits - AbdulNasir Khan
Photo Credits – AbdulNasir Khan

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