51 Incredible Pictures of Rawalpindi That Show Its True Beauty

51 Incredible Pictures of Rawalpindi That Show Its True Beauty


Rawalpindi is one of the most historic cities of Pakistan. It is not just the home to the headquarters of the armed forces of Pakistan, but it is also a major industrial and commercial hubs of the country. The city has many big markets, old monuments, places of worship, and many other amazing places of interest for tourists. On one hand, we have the modern residential areas like Bahria Town and on the other hand, we have the old markets of Rawalpindi like Raja Bazar. The residents of Rawalpindi take pride in their rich culture, history, and values. Here are 51 incredible pictures of Rawalpindi that show its true beauty.

Here are 51 incredible pictures of Rawalpindi that show its true beauty.

51 – A spectacular view of old Rawalpindi, from the top of Lal Haveli, one of the most famous landmarks of the city.

1 - View from the rooftop of Lal Haveli - Rawalpindi

50 – Murree Road is the most important road of the city. Here is a spectacular view of the Murree Road.

2 - Spectacular Aerial View of Murree Road - Rawalpindi

49 – A Metro bus station on Murree Road.

3 - Rawalpindi Metro Bus Station

48 – A wonderful aerial view of the city. The total population of Rawalpindi is more than 35 lac.

4 - Rawalpindi Aerial View
Photo Credits – Hydaspes Lightbox

47 – Raja Bazar is one of the biggest bazaars in Pakistan. Here is a wonderful view of Raja Bazar during the Islamic month of Rabi-ul-Awal.

5 - Raja Bazar Rawalpindi Decorated on the ocassion of Rabi-ul-Awal

46 – This is the famous Lal Haveli.

6 - Lal Haveli - Rawalpindi

45 – A spectacular evening view of Jamia Masjid in Raja Bazar.

7 - Evening View of Jamia Masjid - Raja Bazar - Rawalpindi
Photo Credits – Qarrar Ashraf’s Photography

44 – Inside view of the Jamia Masjid in Rawalpindi.

8 - Jamia Masjid - Rawalpindi - Photo Credits - Aadil Mehmood
Photo Credits – Qarrar Ashraf Photography

43 – Rawalpindi Railway Station.

9 - Railway Station - Rawalpindi

42 – War Veterans Graveyard. It is commonly known as Gora Kabristan.

10 - War Veterans Graveyard - AKA - Gora Kabristan

41 – A wonderful view of the old Rawalpindi city from Sujan Singh Haveli.

11 - View of Old Rawalpindi City from Sujan Singh Haveli
Photo Credits – Saif Tahir

40 – Yaadgar-e-Shuhada in the General Headquarters of Pakistan Army in Rawalpindi.

12 - Yaadgar e Shuhada Inside GHQ - Rawalpindi

39 – The Haily Waterworks which is now commonly known as Kali Tanki. Located on Saidpur Road in Rawalpindi, it was erected in 1926.

13 - The Haily Waterworks known as Kali Tanki - Saidpur Road - Rawalpindi - It was erected in 1926. 1

38 – This is Saddar in Rawalpindi. It is one of the major commercial areas in the city.

14 - Saddar Rawalpindi

37 – Here’s another spectacular aerial view of the Murree Road. The elevated metro bus track can be seen in the picture.

15 - Murree Road - Rawalpindi - Photo Credits - Mhtoori photography
Photo Credits – MHToori Photography

36 – This is what the Murre Road looks like at night.

16 - Murree Road - Rawalpindi 123

35 – Rawalpindi has a number of famous restaurants and cafes. Here is Monal restaurant.

17 - Monal Restaurant - Rawalpindi

34 – A beautiful pictures of a monument in Jinnah Park.

18 - Jinnah Park - Rawalpindi 1 - Photo Credits - Monarchy
Photo Credits – Monarchy Studio

33 – Jinnah Park is one of the best places to go out with family in Rawalpindi.

19 - Jinnah Park Rawalpindi 1

32 – A beautiful view of Cinepax Cinema in Jinnah Park.

20 - Cinepax Cinema - Jinnah Park 1

31 – This beautiful mosque is located on Murree Road in Gulshan Dadan Khan area between Cricket Stadium and Faizabad.

21 - A Beautiful Mosque at Gulshan Dadan Khan - Rawalpindi - Located on Murree Road at Gulshan Dadan Khan between Cricket Stadium and Faizabad

30 – A beautiful sunset captured at the Rawalpindi Railway Station.

22 - A View of Sunset at Chaklala Railway Station - Rawalpindi

29 – The beauty of the old architecture in Rawalpindi is unmatched. You will still find many houses that are more than a century old in the old city of Rawalpindi.

23 - An Old House in Rawalpindi
Photo Credits – Saif Tahir

28 – A spectacular view of the Gordon College Road.

24 - Gordon College Road - Rawalpindi

27 – Nalla Lai can be seen in this picture. It used to be a clean stream of water, but now it is mostly sewerage and rain water.

25 - Nalla Lai Twisting and Turning Through Densely Populated City of Rawalpindi - Photo Credits - The Dragon Flyer

26 – The Metro bus track looks stunning at night.

26 - 6th Road - Rawalpidi at Night - Photo Credits - Ammar Malik

25 – Ayub Park is one of the biggest recreational parks in Pakistan. Here’s the entrance to this park.

27 - Ayub Park - Rawalpindi

24 – Ayub Park is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. The park has a zoo, kids play areas, sports facilities and a number of cafes and restaurants.

28 - Ayub Park - Rawalpindi 1

23 – The sunsets in Rawalpindi are just stunning. Here is one captures from Chaklala Road.

29 - Sunset at Chaklala Road - Rawalpindi

22 – Rawalpindi is home to a number of Churchs. This is St. Paul’s Church located in Saddar.

30 - St. Paul's Church in Sadar Rawalpindi

21 – A spectacular night view of the Rawalpindi Railway Station.

31 - Rawalpindi Railway Station

20 – Pearl Continental Hotel in Rawalpindi.

32 - Pearl Continental Hotel - Rawalpindi 1

19 – Many national and multi-national companies have their offices in Rawalpindi. This is the headquarters of Fauji Fertilizer Company.

33 - Fauji Fertilizer COmpany - Headquarter in Rawalpindi

18 – The Flashman’s Hotel located on The Mall, Rawalpindi is one of the oldest hotels in Pakistan.

34 - Flashman's Hotel - Rawalpindi - One of the Oldest Hotels in Rawalpindi

17 – This is the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

35 - Cricket Stadium - Rawalpindi

16 – Committee Chowk is one of the busiest places in the city.

36 - Committee Chowk - Rawalpindi - Fahim Kidwal
Photo Credits – Fahim Kidwal

15 – Bahria Town is one of the best residential areas in Rawalpindi. It also has a huge commercial area. Here is a spectacular aerial view of Civic Center in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

37 - Civic Center - Bahria Town - Rawalpindi - Muhammad Fahad Raza
Photo Credits – Muhammad Fahad Raza

14 – A statue in Ayub Park.

38 - A Statue at Ayub Park - Rawalpindi
Photo Credits -Sualeh Ahmed

13 –  Rawalpindi has a number of old temples as well. This is Bagh Sardaran Mandir in Rawalpindi.

39 - Bagh Sardaran Mandir - Rawalpindi

12 – The Jinnah Park in Rawalpindi is the place to be during rainy weather.

40 - Jinnah Park - Rawalpindi - Photo Credits - Naveed Nawaz
Photo Credits – Naveed Nawaz

11 – A Hindu Temple in Ganj Mandi area of Rawalpindi.

41 - Hindu Temple - Ganj Mandi - Rawalpindi

10 – Rawalpindi has many old bazars like Raja Bazar, Moti Bazar, Sarafa Bazar, etc. This is Moti Bazar.

42 - Moti Bazar - Rawalpindi

9 – There are many places to find great food in Rawalpindi. Saddar Food Street is one such place.

43 - Saddar Food Street - Rawalpindi

8 – This old building was a Maharaja’s Palace. It is commonly known as Poonch House.

44 - Maharaja's Palace - AKA Poonch House

7 – A spectacular night view of a residential area in Rawalpindi.

45 - Bahria Town - Rawalpindi 2

6 – Murre Road is quite busy during rush hours.

46 - Murree Road - Rawalpindi - Photo Credits - Hydaspes Lightbox
Photo Credits -Hydaspes Lightbox

5 – Another spectacular view of Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

47 - A Spectacular View of Bahria Town - Rawalpindi 1

4 – The old streets of Rawalpindi still have their charm.

48 - Streets of Rawalpindi - Mubashir Junaid

3 – This is the Fatima Jinnah Women University.

49 - Fatima Jinnah Women University
Photo Credits – Abdul Qadir Memon

2 – Rawalpindi is the 4th largest city in Pakistan. Here’s an aerial view of Damial area of Rawalpindi.

50 - Arial View of Damial - Rawalpindi - Photo Credits - Hunzukutz Kahn

1 – Rawalpindi has a lot to offer for tourists. For locals, it is the best city in the world. It has had great contributions towards every field in Pakistan and we can expect more awesomeness from Rawalpindi in future.

51 - A Wonderful Aerial View of Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

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