27 Breathtaking Pictures and Interesting Facts About the Little Known Hushe Valley

27 Breathtaking Pictures and Interesting Facts About the Little Known Hushe Valley

Hushe Valley

Are you looking for an ultimate camping trip at one of the most adventurous and most beautiful places in the world? If Yes, then Hushe Valley is the place you should go. Hushe Valley is a breathtakingly beautiful valley located in the Ghanche District of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. The valley is famous for its highest mountains. It is famous among climbers and trekkers all over the world.

Here are 27 spectacular photos of Hushe Valley along with some interesting facts about this amazing place.

27 – This is what the road to Hushe Valley looks like.

1 - Road to Hushe Valley - Photo Credits - Rizwan
Photo Credits – Rizwan

26 – It takes 4 hours via jeep to reach Hushe Valley from Skardu. You will get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, on your way to Hushe Valley.

2 - Such are the views while traelling to Hushe Valley

25 – This is a beautiful Sailing bridge that you will cross in Khaplu on your way to Hushe Valley.

3 - The bridge on the way to Hushe Valley Near Khaplu-Sailing -
Photo Credits – Tanveer Ahmed Nasir

24 – Ghursay Mountains looks absolutely stunning from the Sailing Bridge in Khaplu.

4 - Ghursay Mountains near Hushe Valley -
Photo Credits – Sajjad Haider

23 – Hushe is the last village of the Ghanche District or the Northern Pakistan.

5 - Scenes on way to Hushe Valley
Photo Credits – Syed Bilal Javaid

22 – It is an ultimate adventure camping site in Pakistan. This is the camp village in Hushe Valley.

6 - Laila Peak - Camp Village - Hushe Valley

21 – Machlu Village is located in Hushe Valley. Once it was a very poor village, but now things are improving because of increasing tourism in the area.

7 - Close Up of Machlu Village

20 – You will literally be breathing in clouds in the Hushe Valley. The elevation of Hushe Village is more 10,000 feet or 3,050 meters above sea level.

8 - Clouds in Hushe Valley
Photo Credits – A-Team

19 – The villagers of Hushe village are environmentally conscious and they are working to keep their area nice and clean.

9 - Hushe Valley
Photo Credits – Ishaq Saqi Hushe

18 – The Hushe Valley runs from the Masherbrum Mountain south to the Shyok River.

10 - MT. Masherbrum

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17 – There are many water bodies in the Hushe valley as well.

11 - Somewhere in Hushe Valley Pakistan

16 – The Machlu Village is built on plateaus and the local economy relies on farming and tourism.

12 - Machlu Village Built on Plateaus

15 – The sharp mountain peaks that surround the Hushe Valley will mesmerize you.

13 - Hushe Valley Picture

14 – Here are some foreign tourists in Hushe Valley.

14 - Foreign Tourists in Hushe Valley - Ghanche - Gilgit Baltistan13 – This is a view of the Kande Village and the Masherbrum Peak in Hushe Valley.

15 - Kande Village by Masherbrum Peak - Hushe Valley

12 – The spring season is absolutely stunning in Machlu Village. Here are some beautiful flowers and trees in Machlu Village during spring.

16 - Machlu Village's Beautiful Flowers

11 – Hushe Valley has a number of sub-valleys. These include Gondogor, Nagma, Charkusa, Masherbrum, and Nanbroq.

17 - River in Hushe Valley

10 – The valley surrounds several peaks above 6 thousand meters. These include K6, K7, and Laila Peak.

18 - Small Lake Hushe Valley - Laila Peak 1

9 – Here is a beautiful view of wheat fields in Hushe Valley.

19 - Wheat Fields in Hushe Valley - Khaplu - Photo Credits - Husbaan Javed
Photo Credits – Husbaan Javed

8 – Hushe is heaven for trekkers and climbers. Some of the world’s most famous rock climbing towers are located in Hushe Valley. These include Amin Braq, Laila Peak, and Fida Braq.

20 - Somewhere Near Machlu Village, Hushe Valley - Pakistan - Photo Credits - Khalil Shah
Photo Credits – Khalil Shah

7 – This is the view of the famous Laila Peak in Hushe Valley.

21 - View of Laila Peak in Hushe Valley - Photo Credits - Pakawat and Pirchya
Photo Credits – Pakawat and Pirchaya

6 – This is Broad Peak as seen from Hushe Valley.

22 - Broad Peak as seen from Hushe Valley

5 – A trip to Hushe Valley guarantees a trip of a lifetime. Be sure to take the right equipment with you when you visit Hushe Valley.

23 - Hushe Valley
Photo Credits – Shahzad Khero

4 – This is the trekking trail to Gondogoro Peak from the Hushe Valley.

24 - Trekking Trail to Gondogoro Peak from Hushe Valley

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3 – This is the K6 Base Camp North Face.

25 - K6 Base Camp North Face - Hushe Valley

2 – Remember that Hushe Valley is one of the coldest places in Pakistan. The temperatures reach -20 °C during winters.

26 - Laila Peak seen from Huseh Valley - 6096 meters - Karakoarm Mountain Range - Pakistan

1 – If you love hiking, trekking, camping, and adventure. Then Hushe Valley is the ultimate place to go.

27 - Laila Peak in Hushe Valley Near Gondogoro Glacier - Photo Credits - Atif Saeed
Photo Credits – Atif Saeed

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