Magic or Madness? Pakistani Man Eats 100 Snakes in Magic Show

Magic or Madness? Pakistani Man Eats 100 Snakes in Magic Show

Pakistan Snake Eater

Magic shows are usually full of entertaining tricks and amazing surprises. But there is one magic show that will leave you more than amazed. This magic show happens at the Karachi Zoo and the main attraction of the magic show is a controversial act called “The Snake Eating Man.” As the name suggests, in this event a performer named Talib eats the dangerous snakes. He breaks their necks with his teeth and then he skins these dead serpents. He doesn’t stop there, he tastes the blood of these dead animals in front of the large audiences.

This amazing and controversial performance draws hundreds of visitors to the Karachi Zoo. Talib who is a resident of Nawabshah, Sindh has been performing this act in front of audiences since many years. He has shown his bravery and snake killing and eating abilities in almost all the major cities of Pakistan. People lineup to buy tickets in order to watch Talib show his unique talent.

Usually people are terrified and at the same time fascinated by seeing a huge snake. And what Talib offers them is more than just entertainment. He offers them a once in a lifetime experience of not only seeing large dangerous snakes, but also seeing them getting killed ruthlessly.

Where Does Talib Find These Massive Snakes?

Dangerous Snake

Talib requires hundreds of snakes for his performances and it is not an easy task to find these snakes in the major cities of the country. Talib manages to get these snakes from Thatha, a city that is abundant in snakes and other reptiles. In case Talib is unable to get snakes for his performances, he turns to other gross animals like venomous lizards and frogs.

Why Does Talib Perform This Dangerous Act?

Talib’s dangerous act might be entertaining for the crowds but it is not entertainment for Talib. He puts his life at risk in order to be able to provide for his family. He makes a living out of this unique and dangerous profession. Talib says that he has been able to develop immunity against the poison of snakes and he doesn’t suffer any effects from snake bites.

Concerns About Decreasing Population of Snakes in Pakistan

Talib tells that he has been doing these shows since a number of years and he has never been stopped by a government official. There are many concerns that the snake population in Pakistan is decreasing as a number of consistent killings of these reptiles. But Talib thinks otherwise. He says that the population of snakes has not decreased in Pakistan and it is still as easy to find snakes in Pakistan as it was a decade or so ago.

Pakistan is a country with very little opportunities for entertainment and Talib surely provides them with a hugely entertaining experience. His performances are especially quite popular among the children. On one hand such acts do provide entertainment to the general public, but on the other hand they put the wildlife of the country at risk and promote the killings of the wild animals in the country.

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