Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog

Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog


By Maha Usman

Known for being loyal, friendly, and playful, dogs have many other qualities that should definitely make you adopt one. Be it a Doberman or a Labrador, every dog is special in its own way. Every dog likes to give lotsa lotsa love. If you’re thinking of owning a pet, here’s why a dog should be it.

1.They Always Light Up Your Mood: Those wagging tales, hyper jumps, and countless cuddling are bound to make you go all ‘awww’. Spending time with your dog makes you feel enjoyable and relaxed, which reduces stress and increases happiness. Dogs have known to amplify your brain’s levels of dopamine and serotonin, both of these compounds are related to a mental health, happiness, tranquility, and pleasure.

2. Playful With Children: Contrary to their scary appearance, dogs tend to be more friendly and playful with children. They can be kept with children, even in the same room. Dogs have protective instincts. They make sure to keep bugs and ants away from children.

3. Protect Children From Allergies and Skin Conditions:

According to research, children who have had dogs in their homes tend to have a lower risk of developing eczema as compared to those with other pets such as cats, or no pets at all. They also say that children who live with dogs have a lower risk of allergies. Woaah! 


4. They Lower Blood Pressure: Blood pressure might sound like a concern for people in their golden years, but really everyone can benefit from keeping their numbers in check. And a study from the American Heart Association found when pet owners get support from their furry friends, it’s enough to lower blood pressure brought on by mental stress. We like to think that means we’re that much closer to getting a prescription for dog snuggles.


5. They Can Sense Life-threatening Health Issues: Did you know that dogs can detect cancer? Yes! If there are grown cancer cells in a human body, our canine friends lick and sniff the parts or lumps on the bodies of their owners. Interesting stuff, eh?

6. They Make You Sociable: Well if they take you out or vise versa (lol), the chances of you interacting with people, become higher. Also because dogs make you interact with them in such a way that also develop sociable skills in you as to how to talk to people. 

7. Superb Watchdogs: Many dogs are known to be great watchdogs at night. They alert families when something suspicious happens. On the bright side, you don’t even have to pay for a guard for surveillance! Woot woot!

8. They Make You Healthy and Fit: Daily walks around parks keep your pet and you, both physically and mentally happy. This way, you always have a fixed time to go out for a run with your dog. No gym fee, yay!