This Village in Pakistan Has 100% Literacy Rate and 0% Crime Rate

This Village in Pakistan Has 100% Literacy Rate and 0% Crime Rate

Rasool Pur

We often hear bad things about villages in Pakistan and we generally think of the population residing in villages to be illiterate. Furthermore, there is a strong perception that there is a lot of crime in the rural areas of Pakistan. To be honest, all these things are somewhat true. But there are some exception. And one such exception is the village of Rasool Pur located in the Rajanpur district of Punjab. This amazing village not only has 100% literacy rate, but it also has 0% crime rate.

Here are some more interesting facts about the village of Rasool Pur along with some pictures of the village.

9 – Rasool Pur was established as a village in 1933 when the people migrated from Balochistan and made this place their home.

8 – The village has 100% literacy rate. The villagers not only know how to read and write, but most of them have finished High School education.

7 – There are two High Schools in Rasool Pur. One High School is for girls and one is for boys.

6 – It is one of the most peaceful places to live in Pakistan. The crime rate in the village is 0%.

5 – One of the things that you will notice in Rasool Pur is the cleanliness. Although the village has limited resources, the villagers have made sure that their village does not have any garbage lying around.

4 – Many of the women from this village are highly educated and working as doctors and engineers in different areas of Pakistan.

3 – The total population of Rasool Pur is 2,000.

2 – The locals understand the value of education and know that it is much more than simply a means of earning more.

1 – Because of these impressive stats, Rasool Pur village has caught the attention of even the Western Media and it was covered by BBC in one of their documentaries.

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