Top Aunty Memes Every Pakistani Can Relate To

Top Aunty Memes Every Pakistani Can Relate To


We all have aunties around us who in one way or affect us by saying or doing something. We found some memes on the internet that perfectly depict the aunties we know!

Here we go!

1.The ‘Nakchari’ Aunty who absolutely doesn’t like anything you do or say, especially when you score a higher grade than her children.


2. Gormint Aunty has been our favourite since the February ’17 when her video went viral where she’s cussing the government of Pakistan.

This epic photoshop of the Gormint Aunty with Modi is such a win!



3. Argh, so relatable! Ths is almost every aunty we know X(



4. Another winner picture from Game of Thrones but you really need to know the reference, nevertheless, it went viral on social media in Pakistan.



5. This one is classic; just every phuphi/khala/chachi/taayi/mami/nani/dadi’s most favorite thing to say.



6. That moment when you upload a picture with a friend of the opposite sex, aunties be like:


7. Again…


8.Because every aunty in your neighborhood knows all about your life; your friends,


9. This is also our mom at times when she sees a potential rishta boy. Haye Allah! So much interrogation, I swear.


10. That one ‘taana‘ which never gets old


11. Uff, qasm say </3